Male Urinal


Male urinals are a long life re-usable urinal bottle and pans for use in hospitals, nursing, rehabilitation and elderly care.
The male urinal bottle for use in a seated, standing or supine positions. The urinal bottle is designed with a graduated clear, easy to read measurements. The urinal also has an easy grip handle to aid those with lim-ited hand movement. The urinal has a secure fitting cap to prevent leaks and spills and reduces unpleasant odours and risk of cross infection. Close cap immediately after use to prevent spillage and odours. The uri-nal bottle is compatible with UMT non spill adaptor
The male urinal bottle can be cleaned in automatic washer disinfectors or hand washed.
• Material: Polyethylene
• Colour: Natural
• Capacity: 1000ml
• Quantity: 1


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